Our ROI Analysis will take a deep dive into your operational figures so that you can see just how much quality provider information will improve you health system's competitiveness.

Where does the return come from?

  • Find a doctor websites
  • Patient scheduling and referral
  • Referring provider outreach and on-boarding
  • Revenue cycle management

Our analysis uses your inputs!

  • Average receivables
  • Days sales outstanding
  • Number of credentialed providers
  • Number of outpatient visits
Phynd uniquely powers your patient/provider life cycle with high-quality provider information, increasing patient revenue and cash flow while reducing recurring costs and risk.

Our clients have achieved net benefits of over $5,000,000 in just the first 3 years subscribed with Phynd. Fill out your contact information to discover how Phynd can help you like we've done with our other clients.

Request an ROI analysis and find out how high quality provider information can impact your health system's bottom line.

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