Phynd 360° Provider Platform Overview 

Give your teams access to the most comprehensive provider information at every service level

Operational Provider Data Is Critical

Phynd’s 360° Provider Platform manages all operational provider data: 
who the providers are, where they work, what they do and what networks they serve.

Phynd is a strategic platform that delivers intuitive:

Phynd ensures enterprise wide operational excellence as all teams have a 360° view of their providers, maintained in real-time.

Enjoy the view from the top! With Phynd.

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Learn about a new class of Provider Information Management

 Keep your EHR, Find a Doctor website, internal provider directories, and other systems updated with operational provider data


Manage all employed, credentialed, and referring providers


Continuously track and manage provider network affiliations


Outreach tools to verify participation and provider information


Workflow tools to manage updates and new enrollees into the network


Single, enterprise-wide platform for all of your providers


Network tools reside within a broader construct

Our customers are some of the most innovative in the nation