Accelerate growth and productivity with Phynd's Provider Information Management (PIM) Solution.

Don't put your patient care, revenues and reputation at risk!

With Phynd PIM, you can optimize your organization with a single source of truth for provider information:

IT benefits

  • Reduced/re-purposed labor costs related to managing provider data
  • Improved data quality with real-time updates through secure integrations to your EHR and credentializing systems

Clinical benefits

  • Enhanced patient care coordination
  • Inclusion of your frontline staff to manage provider data
  • Reduced risk of licensure/sanction issues

Financial benefits

  • Accelerated/preserved revenue through optimized revenue cycle
  • Improved risk management and fine avoidance/ reduction

Marketing benefits

  • Increased growth from improved referral management and physician liaison outreach
  • Better consumer experience and enhanced brand

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We rely on many systems for provider data: EHR, credentialing, data warehouse and others. Phynd’s PIM Platform will enable us to use the best information from each system to create one accurate and integrated profile on all of our providers.”

– Brent Lamm, VP & Deputy CIO, UNC Health Care